Regular papers

- K. Derbal, I. Frihi, K. Boukhalfa and Z. Alimazighi. Spatial Data Warehouse and Geospatial Decision Making Tool for Efficient Road Risk Analysis

- K. Ait Abdelouhab, D. Idoughi and C. Kolski. Agile & user centric SOA based service design framework applied in disaster management

- H. Abdelmoumène and H. Belleili. Modeling a Disaster Management with Decentralized Markov Decision Processes

- A. Benssam, A. Bendjoudi, S. Yahiaoui and N. Nouali-Taboudjemat. Towards a Dynamic Evacuation System for Disaster Situations

- D. Khadraoui and C. Feltus. Towards Cyber-Security Protection of Critical Infrastructures by Generating Security Policy for SCADA Systems

- I. Fares, H. Rachida and D. Choayb. Handling Uncertainty in Emergency Plan Evaluation Using Generalized Petri Nets

- R. Hadji, Y. Limani, A. Demdoum, A. Chouabi, F. Zahri and A. Boumazbeur. Using multivariate approach and GIS applications to predict slope instability hazard in Machrouha municipality, NE Algeria

- C. Tata and M. Kadoch. Multipath Routing Algorithm for Device-to-Device Communications for Public Safety over LTE Heterogeneous Networks

- B. Zebbane, M. Chenait and N. Badache. RTCP: Redundancy aware Topology Control Protocol for wireless sensor network

- M. Tahar Abbes, M. Senouci, B. Kechar and S. Merabet. A Routing Ad Hoc Network for Disaster Scenario

- N. Bendimerad and B. Kechar. Coverage Enhancement with Rotatable Sensors in Wireless Video Sensor Networks for Post-Disaster Management

- Y. Benosman and M. Benchaiba. An Effective Redundancy Detection Method in Wireless Sensor Networks

- K. Tadjer and M. Bensaibi. Earthquake risk scenarios of Blida city

- A. Benghida and M. Boufaida. Web Services discovery in P2P networks based on Clustering

Short papers

- B. Saddek, A. Fateh, B. Miloud and B. Mustapha. Risk factors analysis using the fuzzyfication of Reason’s model

- A. Hassini and A. H. Belbachir. Thermal method of remote sensing for prediction and monitoring Earthquake

- A. Senouci, P-Y. Bard, M. N. Farsi, E. Beck and S. Cartier. Qualitative methods to estimate exposition to seismic damage in Oran (Algeria)

- A. Bouguessa and B. Boudaa. A Dynamic Adaptation for Context-Aware Service-Based Applications: Disaster Management Case Study

- B. Theilen-Willige, R. Loewner and F. El Bchari. Remote Sensing and GIS Contribution to the Detection of Areas Susceptible to Natural Hazards in the Safi Area, W- Morocco

- D. Pinto and A. Cipriano. Tsunami Early Warning System Architecture based on Automation Technologies

- A. Benssam, N. Nouali-Taboudjemat and O. Nouali. Requirements for an IT-Based Platform for Disaster Management


- A. Bensaid, T. Saint-Gerand and M. Driss. The use of remote sensing and gis for the assistance and monitoring the algerian steppe degration risk

- S. Sellami. Ontology-Based Integration for Disaster Management: Approach and System Architecture

- S. Attia, A. Boubetra and M. Saad Saoud. Contribution of Computer Simulation to Disaster Management

- B. Theilen-Willige. Flooding Hazard in Northern Algeria Contribution of remote sensing and GIS methods to the detection of areas exposed to flooding in the coastal zones of Northern-Algeria

- Z. Slimane, A. Abdelmalek and S. Kameche. Feasibility Study of an UWB Radar System for Through Wall Static Human Being Detection and Localization

- R. Tandlich, C. D. Luyt, T. G. Chirenda, P. Madikizela, M. H. Wisch and D. M. Pyle. Stakeholder participation and sustainable disaster management planning in South Africa


- B. Kadri, D. Moussaoui and S. SouikiForest Fire Detection system using Wireless Sensor Networks

- M. Lounis, K. Mehdi and A. Bounceur. A CupCarbon Tool for Simulating Destructive Insect Movements

- D. Nanghaka Khauka. Early Warning Early Response Disaster Manager (EWERDIMA)





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